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We Traveler’s Exploration organized to provide complete travel requirements for distinguished visitors to Sri Lanka. We have planned and organized a program to offer different kinds of set tour packages that are very convenient and flexible.

Traveler’s Exploration pvt Ltd.
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Our Company Objectives and Goals

Travel, Ticketing, Tourism and Adventure.
Providing well planned tour packages for local and foreign personnel on their demands along with the assistance for obtaining travel tickets and visa.
Providing excellent transportation, Accommodation, Food, Drink and Refreshment facility during the journey.

Traveler’s Exploration pvt Ltd.
Traveler’s Exploration pvt Ltd.

Ensure proper Security and Protection for each and every one in travel group, includes Immediate Medical Requirements and urgent essential assistance.
Providing proper narration, of each and every location during the journey.
Providing the best extra facilities of Trekking, Hiking, Outbound and inbound training facility which includes, all adventure events with proper safety and security.